Daniel Milnor has been a ranch hand, a fragrance model, a hot tub installer and a bouncer for precisely one night. He spent most of his life incessantly recording the world around him. He considers himself more of a curious observer as opposed to "professional photographer." His primary pursuits are reading, yoga, cycling, climbing, hiking, fishing, surfing, exploring, conducting interviews and most importantly avoiding the unproductive noise of modern culture. He's not cool, or hip but attempts to be focused, honest and as funny as possible.  He is happily married to a wonderful, slightly wild woman to whom he owes much of his success.   

He currently works on a project by project basis with clients who are willing to spend the time required to create original artwork as opposed to trendy or temporary content. He also works as a creative advisor for companies with a story to tell. 

Never be so focused on what you’re looking for that you overlook the thing you actually find.