I split my time between New Mexico and California. My office is a Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road. Luxury. Pure Luxury. Come visit me. Ride, hike, climb, fish, camp, run, surf. 


MOBILE: 310-980-0867               

INSTA: @daniel.milnor

MAIL: milnorpictures@gmail.com


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Call if: 

  1. You want to collaborate on something intesting. 
  2. You have the time and budget required.
  3. You want something original. 
  4. You understand the power of print over social media madness. 

Don't call if: 

  1. The words "content provider" are in your vocabulary.
  2. You are someone who still thinks "social media scaleability" is a top priority. 
  3. You plan to utter the words "We don't have budget." 
  4. You want to control how I work. 
  5. You want to own copyright. 


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